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You know that honey-do list you’ve been putting off?


Tackling it doesn’t have to be a chore—we can help! Our Honey-Do Day is a full business day dedicated to you and your brand. We’ll work together to prioritize your honey-do list and check off those looming tasks IN ONE DAY. 

Ever wished for an in-house designer to help you figure out how to best show off your branding or take a little off your plate? How about support when brainstorming ideas for campaign development? You're not alone! You better bee-lieve that Honey Creative can help! Better yet, we can knock it out in ONE DAY! Whether you need help getting the ball rolling or support to keep it going, Honey-Do Days are completely customizable and can be useful for everything from big fundraising seasons to internal process cleanup.

Honey-Do List examples we could tackle:

Batch Social Media Graphics
Email Graphics
One-pagers or Flyers
Annual Reports
Custom Illustrations
and more!

How it Works


STEP 1: Book your day

Schedule a day with us at least one week in advance with your honey-do list in hand and the assets you’ll need help with.

We’ll have a 30 min call to discuss a defined list of action items we can realistically tackle for you to approve.

Then you’ll send us all the content needed to get the job done 48 hours prior to your booked day.


Step 2: Honey Creative gets to work!

Hooray—it’s your Honey-Do Day!

We’ll start first thing in the morning and then around lunch time (12 pm CST), we’ll review our progress via Zoom.

Based on your feedback, we’ll spend the rest of the day wrapping up your to-do list of design items. You’ll receive a final design preview by 4 pm CST. And give final approval by 4:30 pm 


Step 3: signed, sealed, delivered

After your review of the final design preview, we’ll spend the rest of our day working on final design touches and prepping files to be sent to print.

We’ll send you printable files by 10 am CST the next day!

What’s so great about a Honey-Do Day?  

  • ONE-DAY Turnaround: Yep, you’ll get all final files the next day, knocking off your honey-do list in one fell swoop!
  • Efficiency: No more long, drawn-out project timelines or waiting for replies
  • No Estimates or Invoice Surprises: Small tasks tend to add up, and it sucks to have to pick and choose what you can do based on line-item price. Honey-Do Days are a flat rate which means we accomplish as much as possible, not as much as you can afford.
  • Expertise: You can rest easy knowing we have the knowledge and know-how to accomplish your honey-do list all in one day so you don’t have to waste your time trying to hack it when you have bigger flowers to buzz to.
  • Dedication: For an entire day, you’re the only client we’re focusing on. You are our top priority which means more concentrated effort, energy, and a better end result.

What Others Have Buzzed About

“The Honey-Do Day helped our organization feel confident about the presentation and message that we are sending out for our end of the year campaign. In the past, we would have spent considerable time prepping campaign materials. This allowed us to focus our efforts elsewhere and provided us with a creative, engaging campaign that is of much higher quality than something we would create in house.”

Fifty Forward

“Our Honey-Do Day helped my team stay on task by focusing on getting feedback done quickly and efficiently. This process really helped us maintain focus – since it was such a content-heavy piece, we knew we needed to be thorough, and knowing we were doing it all in one day helped us work as a team to make sure we were doing our part. Overall, this helped build a better internal communication strategy for projects like this!”

CYMT (Center for Youth Ministry Training)

Is a honey-do day right for you?

A Honey-do Day is ideal if you…


Have a list of smaller ‘one-off’ projects to knock out


Want to improve and are motivated to maintain your brand consistency and connotation


are able to provide consolidated, quality feedback


have established, strong branding


Can’t afford to hire a Graphic Designer on salary but you've got some room in the budget


Value professional opinion and great design

Does that sound like you? If so let’s chat about how a Honey-do Day can help your brand!

Package Options

Single Honey-do Day

Multiple projects for the price of one 

Gone are the days of quoting out multiple projects, adhering to numerous timelines, and actually paying for MORE HOURS because of all the back and forth. With our design day, you get one entire day dedicated to you and you alone, which means we get more projects done—saving you money, honey!

Two Check-Ins

With each Design Day, you get two check-ins from our team: one midday and one end-of-day, keeping you in the loop from start to finish. 


$1,500/ day

Honey-do Yearly Bundle

12 Design Days

The Yearly Bundle gets you one full workday 100% dedicated to your brand for every month of the year. That means you can receive ongoing support for things like email campaigns, social media graphics, flyers and more. Honey will ensure you stay right on track with your annual goals! 

Enjoy a 20% discount!

It pays to partner with Honey! Opt into the Yearly Bundle and receive a 20% discount, that’s a whole day for free!


$14,400 (Invoiced quarterly)

Take a look at the Honey-do lists we’ve been checking off for our clients!

Have Questions?

We've got answers. Take a look at our FAQ's:

What's included?

A: Aside from having your entire honey-do list checked off in one day?! Here’s a few other items:

  • 30 Min Consult Call: One week prior to our day, we’ll have a brief 30 min consult call to review what you have on your honey-do list. I’ll make a recommendation of what’s possible to accomplish vs what would be nice and we’ll prioritize what’s important first.
  • Direct Day-of Access: It’s like I’m working right beside you! I’ll send updates in Slack and you’ll get a behind the scenes look at what goes into tackling your list.
  • A Full Day (or Half) of Design: That’s 7 hours (or 3.5 for half days) of consecutive time dedicated to your tasks, it’s like hiring a full-time designer for the day!
  • Next-day Files: You’ll have access to final files by 10 AM (CST) next day!
  • Ongoing Support: I’m here to help make recommendations for printers, paper stock, or just moral support! You can always reach out to me via email but you’ll have continued direct access to Slack for 7 days after our session.
What's not included

A: Native files are not provided unless previously discussed and for an additional $250 charge. This includes Canva templates or Adobe files.

When can I book?

A:  You can book a full Honey-Do Day whenever you're ready by clicking here

Redemption for the Honey-Do Half Day Giftaway is from July 2021 - September 2021, subject to availability. Book here 

I love this! Do you offer packages?

A: Absolutely! Yearly packages are available for month-to-month support this includes 12 Honey-Do Days for $13,500 (invoiced quarterly)—a 10% discount! Need more or less? Let’s chat!

Do I need to be available the entire day?

A: Nope! Only for our check-ins (at the halfway point and at the end of our day together). However, it’s a good idea to block off some time throughout the day and stay close to your device in the event of questions that might come up.

Will I see progress updates?

A: Absolutely! You’ll have three opportunities to see the progress on our day:

  • Midway Check-in: We’ll have a scheduled 15-30 min shared screen Zoom meeting at the halfway point (10:30 AM for half days or 12 PM for full days) for you to check in on the design progress. 
  • End of Day Check-in: You’ll also have another chance at the end of the Honey-Do Day via email. 
  • All Day: You’ll be invited to a private channel on Slack just for us! This is a great way for me to send quick progress screenshots or ask any questions for a more timely response. Don’t worry you don’t have to download *another* app, you can keep it open in a Browser. 
What are some things we can tackle together?

A: The options are pretty much endless! Just about everything is on the table aside from Brand Strategy and full website development (that’s a part of our Brand Overhaul service and takes quite a bit more time!). Some things done in the past include:

  • Social media graphics
  • Canva templates*
  • Custom illustrations
  • Email newsletters
  • Direct mailers
  • Event logo design
  • Social media planning
  • Website design
  • Minor website edits for WordPress and Squarespace sites
  • Print material (flyers, business cards, thank you cards, etc)
  • Brand guidelines
  • Consulting

*Note: Reusable templates such as those built in Canva or in Adobe Suite are an added $250 fee for native rights.

What if I have changes after our day is over?

A: You’ll have 24 hours after our day to request any last minute changes for one round of revisions, after that, let’s schedule another day to finish things up or ad-hoc changes can be made at an hourly rate of $125. 

Ready for an entire day devoted to your brand’s design work?