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As a mission-minded organization, you work hard to create the change you want to see in the world. Your brand deserves a powerful presence so you can share that narrative and amplify your impact. Our creative agency can help!

Creative Agency Nashville, TN

Strategic brand and website design that help you…

Tell your story with ease

Focus on fullfilling your mission

Gain resources to get you there, faster

We wholeheartedly believe that the loudest and proudest voices should be those that are making a difference in the world. Nonprofits and mission-minded small businesses deserve a strong presence and Honey Creative Agency in Nashville, TN is here to help bring it to life.

The change you’re making in the world deserves to get noticed

But with a lack of resources and support, your small but mighty team of busy bees can’t be expected to brush up on brand strategy and visibility too! Enter Honey Creative. We’ll make sure your brand is working as hard as you do to bring awareness to the sweet honey that only your hive can offer. Allow us to draw attention to your brand, mission, and vision so that you can focus on what you do best… changing the world.

Behind the hive

I started Honey Creative in 2015 with a passion for…well other people’s passion! I love using brand design as a superpower to help my clients tell their story easier so they can focus on their mission with more clarity and less stress. Design has this incredible way of connecting others that care about the same thing through storytelling.

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Recent Work

A selection of our new and buzzworthy work

sweet honey from our favorite hives…


“Working with Andi of Honey Creative exceeded my expectations! She took everything I brain dumped on her and created the perfect branding for our small business. Andi’s creativity, professionalism, and customer service are top-notch!”

Jess Lewis, Knockout Print Shop

“Before we met with Andi, our business was having such a difficult time keeping our brand cohesive in all areas. We knew we needed help, but didn’t understand how big of an impact going through the brand strategy process would have for us. 

Working with Andi has honestly changed everything about the way our company now operates. We now have a clear and concise message to our current and potential clients and have a much clearer vision for the future of our business. The process was extremely smooth and we learned a ton throughout it. Andi set us up with extremely useful materials to help us keep this alive and on track. It has absolutely been a game-changer for us!”


Raleigh Dale, Hotbox Fitness


Our nonprofit has worked closely with Andi of Honey Creative for close to 4 years running. She’s not only helped us with a full rebrand, but has also designed a completely new and custom-built site for us…a site she’s continued to help us build on through the years as our nonprofit expands. 

Honey Creative is not only the most equipped design studio in skill and quality, but also the most attentive and caring – and for a nonprofit, this goes an incredibly long way. We always feel listened to, and like our mission is just as important to Andi as it is to us. Would highly recommend!

Anna Kathryn Simmons, CYMT

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